Uloric to Treat Gout?

Doctor discusses Uloric as a treatment for gout

I have yet to try this medication *Uloric* as all “corporate” meds really concern me.  But has anyone tried it yet?  If you have please tell us how it works and if the side effects are nil to extreme.

Uloric Tablets

I always seem to struggle to find a treatment that has staying power.  The herbal home remedies work but do not last (for me anyway) and need something

STRONG and to keep this gout at bay!  This Uloric is new and I have not heard much, but I see them advertising on TV a lot. What that tells me is more and more people must be suffering from gout than ever before.  Usually treating gout was to a select group of folks.

Has gout become an epidemic?  I was recently in Hawaii and just about everywhere I went there some Hawaiian dude walking with a cane or barefoot because their gout has reared its ugly head and is acting up.  I spoke to a few of them and they told me its an ongoing things and nothing really works, but one big fella admitted he does not watch his diet. tsk tsk

It’s not secret that Pacific Islanders are more predisposed to gout attacks due to their genetic makeup and such. It’s not a disease for old rich white men anymore as a lot of younger males are suffering from gout for no particular reason they claim.  Hence the big push of Uloric lately.

I may try this if my gout persists, but would like some more info from patients who have been using it.

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  1. Anyone know if fish oil is bad for gout and what about standard vitamin and mineral supplements? Anything to look at in the supplements that may be good or bad for gout? Just got diagnosed and am trying to figure this all out.

  2. not sure, just AVOID any vitamins wit Niacin.

    if you do not want to take the scribed meds, look into black cherry extract pills – you can find them in any health store on online.

  3. I am a 70 year old male. I have had had seven stents placed in four arteries that were either blocked or partially blocked. This procedure was done 27 months ago. I have been taking Crestor, Exforge, Triamterene, Metoprolol, for high blood pressur and heart disease. Supplements
    that my doctor prescribed are 1000 mg of Nician, and 4000 mg Fish Oil per day. I also take a multi-vitamin daily.

    I mentioned to my doctor 4 months ago that during my lifetime blood tests have always show me to have an on the high side reading for Uric Acid, the cause for Gout. My most recent test for Uric Acid was 9.4 mg/dL. Normal range is 3.9 – 8.6. The therapeutic target for gout patients is a reading greater than 6.0.
    My doctor just put me on 80mg of Uloric per day. I currently enjoy no side effects.

    During reading on this subject, I have discoved the following things to reduce the Uric Acid test result. Take Uloric, stop taking diuretics, stop drinking alcohol, stop taking Niacin, stop eating meats, stop eating dried peas and beans, stop consuming caffine. Do start loosing weight, I’m 100 lbs over weight. Exercise moderately. Eat low fat milk, yogurt and cheese. Drink eight glasses of water per day. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables: lots of strawberries; blueberries, cantalope, avacados, kiwis, cherries, bananas, celery, tomatoes, cabbage, parsley, kale, spinach. Reduce the amount of meat that I eat. especially those that are high pruine causers., like liver, some fish like makerele, anchovies, etc. Reduce the intake of all meats.

    I hope this will help in that there are a lot of foods that we can and should be eating rather than the really good tasting ones that we shouldn’t be eating, lol…

  4. A lot of Asian people, especially Japanese, seem to have gout. Same with African Americans. (I’m Japanese American, and my father had it.) I’m not saying I’ve counted, but I hear a lot of stories, and while it seems like all races get hit with it, especially the heavier guys, it seems like Asians and Blacks have the most stories of having it, or having relatives who have it.

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