Gout Remedies: Beyond The Black Cherry!

Left big toe inflamed with gout!

Most people thought that the best gout cure was cherries, but they were wrong! The newest research is revealing a better solution for your gout symptoms. Though cherries do work and have been researched thoroughly, a new natural health treatment can make you feel like gout is a thing of the past.

Let me explain.

A Natural Gout Cure:  Cherries

For many years, those red delicious cherries we all love have been thought to help control and decrease gout symptoms. Over 50 years ago a doctor named Ludwig Blau stated announced a cure for one of the oldest diseases known to man, gout. Dr. Blau suggested that eating about 8 cherries a day would cure gout.

Though many thought Blau discovered the cure for gout; he was wrong. Currently there is no cure for gout. However, modern research studies have shown that Blau was correct with his cherry remedy. We now know that cherries contain anthocyanins which have anti-inflammatory properties that work in the same way NSAIDs do.

In other words, cherries work to reduce the inflammation that causes gout pain by reducing the uric acid that causes gout. And cherries are much better than NSAIDs because cherries cure the cause of gout. And NSAIDS only treat the symptoms (inflammation).

However, many gout sufferers have found that eating as many as 40 cherries isn’t the most convenient remedy. And now researchers believe that cherries are not the only gout cure that works. read more

Beware! Niacin (Vitamin B3) and Gout!

niacin-vitamin-b3Thanks to pjd3 for reminding me.  Niacin, which is vitamin B3 is a Gout causer!  Beware of this out there and read your labels.  Niacin (vitamin B3) IS in everything, so please read your labels folks!  The highest doses can be found in multivitamins (this very thing gave me gout) and breads & cereals (mostly processed) and can raise your uric acid thereby giving you Gout.

Foods Highest in Niacin (vitamin b3)

* Multivitamins (not always healthy, eh?)

* Breads and Cereals (processed mostly)

* Soy products (yup)

The list goes on, but those are the top 3 with the highest levels of niacin which can cause gout via raising your uric acid level and administering those God awful needle like crystals in your joints!