Bath, UK – Mineral Springs Used to Treat Gout!

0018n017Rich in radium emanation, the hot-spring water (46.5°C/116°F) which surfaces at Bath is thought to have medicinal and therapeutic properties, beneficial in the treatment of gout, rheumatism, and skin diseases. The waters may still be taken in the Pump Room.  These waters are applicable to the treatment of gout, rheumatism, strumous diseases, etc.  Looks like I need a trip to England!    😉

Natural Remedy for Gout!

xiaThis stuff works!!!  Most natural remedies just take the sting out of your gout, but this stuff, which is a blend of  herbs from China knocks out the gout by 80% in 1 day.  Usually you can get it at your local Chinese Herbalist, go to one and ask for this, costs about $30.  Probably a good idea to write down the name of this or just print the picture and show them.   It works for me, hope it works for you!

Vegetarian? Hell NO!

meatballs2So as I’m still getting over my sinus infection (geez, I go meat free for 2 weeks and I get sick!) and can not taste nor smell all that great, I decided to make some spaghetti and bogus meatless “meatballs”, got to stay away from the red meat right?  Let me tell ya, my “puke streak” of 13 years almost came to an end last night!  The consistency of chewing on these nasty lil meatless wonders was like eating…well… poop!!!  These are frickin gross and will never eat them again!  I can’t eat this vegetarian crap, no way!  But the “streak” remains intact!  😉   Oh yeah, my gout IS teasing me, hope it just goes away and doesn’t end up in full on attack mode!

What a Doctor may do for Gout?

evil_dr_zorkSo you just can’t take it anymore and decide to go to the ER or see your Doctor.  Don’t even think about that hacksaw in your garage, put it down! :)   Here is what the good ole Doc may prescribe

  • Colchicine (tiny white tablets) is an anti-inflammatory medication used to prevent and ease current gout attacks. (harsh on your guts though)
  • Steroid or Cortisone shot injected to the joint with a big ass needle! (yeah it hurts, but your pain is soooo bad you won’t mind and it works fast, I had it done in the ER!)
  • Allopurinol is a medication used to treat chronic gout.  Does not relieve pain or inflammation.  Takes a about month for it to work, its preventative medicine (side effects are arguably bad, another contradiction I say).
  • Anti inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen (Advil) in prescription dosage.
  • Take it easy, rest the foot/area and keep it elevated.  Cold packs help with pain.
  • Some Doc’s do give good advice on home remidies as mentioned here at in conjunction with modern medicine!

Nature Can Help Gout!

sweet-cherry-22-smallblueberries_01We know how harsh the prescribed drugs are to treat gout, so here is a list of natural treatments for your Gout.  Most can be found at your local market, a health food store or your local Herbalist.

  • Black Cherries, blueberries, and dark colored fruit.  they are an anti inflammatory and do help!

  • Apple Cider Vinegar (organic) & Baking Soda in a glass, drink it!!  Tastes wicked, but drink it, it works!!   – glass of water, 3 teaspoons of APC and 2 tablespoons of baking soda, mix it and drink TWICE DAILY.

  • Celery Seed or Celery Seed extract:  boil the celery seeds and drink as a tea, or take the pill.

  • Burdock Root Teadrink as a tea, not bad actually.

  • Black Cherry Extractin a pill form if you can’t find black cherries at the market.

  • zhang zong xia jong feng wan:   Its a mixture of herbs,  the Chinese herbalist in town gave me this, she said, “it for Gout“.   I was having a mean attack and nothing was working and was desperate, cost me $30 for the bottle.  Truthfully I didn’t expect much, but bottom line it knocked out 80% of my Gout by the next day!!!   – 4 pills, 4 times a day during an attack.  4 – 6 pills daily to prevent Gout.  Works so far…. fingers crossed,  knock on wood…

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Actor Jared Leto’s bout with Gout!

chapter27a2 jared-leto1

Actor Jared Leto gained 62 pounds to play the overweight Mark David Chapman, murderer of John Lennon, by drinking microwaved pints of ice cream mixed with soy sauce and olive oil every night to bloat himself further as he eats no meat cause Jared Leto is a vegetarian. At times he had to use a wheelchair due to the stress the sudden increase in weight put on his body. As a result of the weight gain and loss, Leto developed Gout in his left foot.

What the heck is Gout?


Does it  feel like a screw being twisted into your toe joint with every heartbeat?  Along with severe pain, stiffness, redness, heat and swelling in a joint, often in the big toe.  The reason for this is needle like spears having crystallized in the joint itself, causing agonizing pain, the ability to go out of your mind, and having you describe it to others in this phrase,  “don’t touch!  hurts like a son of a bitch“!

Whats going on is your uric acid count is too high, with no where to go, thus depositing “crystals” in your joint(s), resulting in the Gout!  Can also be caused by an injury to  the surrounding area, certain medications, but usually too much beer and cheeseburgers…

Gout of the Rich and Famous


Hmmm, Gout – the rich mans disease…

Henry VIII, Kublai Khan, Nostradamus, John Milton, Queen Anne, Isaac Newton, Henry Fielding, Samuel Johnson, Charles IV, Charles V, George IV, John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, Karl Marx (with the raise of an eyebrow), William Pitt, Peter Paul Rubens (no, not Pee Wee), Alexander Hamilton, George Mason, Benjamin Franklin, Henry James, Frederick the Great, Don Nelson, Jared Leto (yup!), Pope Clement VIII, and Curt Schilling just to name a few.