Bananas Are Good for Gout!

bananas-curved-yellow-fruit babe-eating-banana

We all know potassium is a good for Gout, so eat them bananas!  I try to eat at least 3 a day, not only are they my favorite fruit but they have the gout fighting benefits as well.  Hey, every little thing helps and the babes like em.    😉

Flush the Gout with Water!

glass_of_waterRemember fellow Gout sufferers, keep hydrated to keep the gout at bay!  The more your kidneys are flushing out the uric acid the better.  So make sure you drink plenty of water or fruit juice (the real kind, not that “Sunny D” crap) whilst avoiding high fructose corn syrup (Gout attacker!).  You don’t need to drown yourself, just use common sense and avoid the booze and fake sugars (read your labels folks).  I love the natural sodas from Whole Foods, they are real tasty and use cane sugar (natural sugar is ok) plus they cost less than most Coke or Pepsi products.   😉

treat gout at home now

Oh No! Ate some Gout Today!!

huge-cheese-burgerVery stressful day today, had a cheeseburger (ok, a double quarter pounder w/cheese) at McD’s along with a fries, coke, and 2 apple pies! I know, I know, shame on me…  Food is my only comfort outlet since I don’t smoke, drug out, or have a hot busty chick nearby.   Hope my Gout doesn’t whirl into a frenzy.  I made sure I took 4 of my magic Chinese pills after the fact.  I just couldn’t take the stress anymore and “relapsed”,   lol    😉

treat gout at home now

Bath, UK – Mineral Springs Used to Treat Gout!

0018n017Rich in radium emanation, the hot-spring water (46.5°C/116°F) which surfaces at Bath is thought to have medicinal and therapeutic properties, beneficial in the treatment of gout, rheumatism, and skin diseases. The waters may still be taken in the Pump Room.  These waters are applicable to the treatment of gout, rheumatism, strumous diseases, etc.  Looks like I need a trip to England!    😉

Natural Remedy for Gout!

xiaThis stuff works!!!  Most natural remedies just take the sting out of your gout, but this stuff, which is a blend of  herbs from China knocks out the gout by 80% in 1 day.  Usually you can get it at your local Chinese Herbalist, go to one and ask for this, costs about $30.  Probably a good idea to write down the name of this or just print the picture and show them.   It works for me, hope it works for you!

Damn Ankle!


Finally my Gout has subsided, but from all the limping my poor ankle is all “bust up” now!  What a pain in the ass this is….  :(

Vegetarian? Hell NO!

meatballs2So as I’m still getting over my sinus infection (geez, I go meat free for 2 weeks and I get sick!) and can not taste nor smell all that great, I decided to make some spaghetti and bogus meatless “meatballs”, got to stay away from the red meat right?  Let me tell ya, my “puke streak” of 13 years almost came to an end last night!  The consistency of chewing on these nasty lil meatless wonders was like eating…well… poop!!!  These are frickin gross and will never eat them again!  I can’t eat this vegetarian crap, no way!  But the “streak” remains intact!  😉   Oh yeah, my gout IS teasing me, hope it just goes away and doesn’t end up in full on attack mode!