Gout Ok, Ankle Bad, Bah!

ankle-specsJust a progress report on the gout since I haven’t had anything to post about…

Not much actually is going on as I have not heard of any breaking news to report on and my gout has seemingly behaved.  Although I am having major ankle issues that I do not think is gout related, but could be.

My poor left ankle on the outside where the ball is I can hear “crunching” and “popping” (uric acid crystals or arthritis?) going on as well as a lot of pain.  It has been a problem for decades really off and on but has gotten worse as I get older (yesterday was my b-day) and today I feel like an old fart, even though I’m not yet 40.

The bad part is I do not have health insurance and can not afford to see the right Doctor for my ankle problem which would include multiple visits and x-rays I’m sure, so I must deal with the pain for now.

My worry is that if the ankle continues to be bothersome it could trigger that nasty gout!  Which it has done before…

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2 comments on “Gout Ok, Ankle Bad, Bah!

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  2. This is interesting, post more often!
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