Gout Attack, 3 a.m. Eternal!

Big-Mac-equels-goutThe time is 3 a.m., that’s when I awoke this morning due to a throbbing gouty toe!  The Gout has reared its ugly head and attacked me in the middle of the night.  To be honest, I’ve been asking for it.  Not watching my diet and not drinking enough water to flush everything out.  Damn those Reese’s peanut butter cups (high fructose corn syrup) and a trip too many to McDonald’s across the street.  I know, I know, shame on me!  Well ya know, things have been going so good as far as my gout not acting up and all I became careless.  You can NOT become careless or gout will bite you on your ghoulie!

For this past week or so I have been pretty sedentary due to work and being hypnotized by the computer monitor, then yesterday I went for a brisk walk and everything seemed fine…  But here is where it gets interesting.  If you do not keep your joints limber and in full motion throughout the day, that damn Gout will sneak up on you.  The hard walking agitated the already deposited uric acid crystals in my toe joint that have been hanging out there for the past week.  If I were to have been more active and conscience of my gout, I could have prevented this by not giving the uric crystals a chance to form in the first place.  So my point is that if you suffer from gout, make sure those joints most affected get there light “yoga” time during the day, just don’t over do it.  Same thing will happen if you start a strenuous exercise and there are crystals already floating around in there, they become agitated and swelling and pain ensue, thus cometh the Gout!!

Also I have not been taking my Chinese herb pills as often as I should have, been trying to save some money.  But tomorrow I will go and have Dr Chen yell at me for not taking care of myself… again!   :(

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6 comments on “Gout Attack, 3 a.m. Eternal!

  1. The comments made, were my EXACT issues. Retired 18 months ago. Gained weight;
    became inactive; spent too much time in front of the TV; Took my wife out to eat
    often (all you can eat shrimp was a favorite spot). Then one day, I thought I should get some exercise, so I went for a 2 mile walk. That night (at 3AM) my
    world as I knew it, crashed down on my right foot. It started in my big toe and
    roamed to my ankle, then to the top of my foot. It lasted 18 days….the longest lasting bout I had ever had. WHEN WILL I LEARN. My doctor has me on medication and things are starting to quiet down. I thought I would get SMARTER as I grew older. Maybe now….

  2. @Thomas E. Michel

    Thomas when will we learn?

    I really do think the inactivity plays a major role and not just diet, many factors trigger this nightmare, “stress” gets me every time!

    Christ, we can’t eat anything without fear. I know vegetarians who suffer from gout, go figure…

  3. I love your blog
    I cannot wait to read more about what is gout? in the future!

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