Overeating and Gout!

all-you-can-eat-chinese-buffetGeez, can’t even enjoy an “all you can eat” buffet with out triggering a nasty episode of our friend, Mr. gout!  Yes its true folks, overeating can trigger a gout attack, why?  Well because uric acid spikes when you have a full gut and as your kidneys try to keep up, they can’t, so thus comes the “needle like crystals” that get logged in your big toe joint and other surrounding areas.  Besides these buffet’s are riddled with gout no no’s like shellfish, red meat, and sugary desserts (its the high fructose corn syrup that is bad).  So really all that’s left is salad, and what fun is that?!

So this means no more “all you can eat” Chinese Super Buffet for me…   :(

Beware! Niacin (Vitamin B3) and Gout!

niacin-vitamin-b3Thanks to pjd3 for reminding me.  Niacin, which is vitamin B3 is a Gout causer!  Beware of this out there and read your labels.  Niacin (vitamin B3) IS in everything, so please read your labels folks!  The highest doses can be found in multivitamins (this very thing gave me gout) and breads & cereals (mostly processed) and can raise your uric acid thereby giving you Gout.

Foods Highest in Niacin (vitamin b3)

* Multivitamins (not always healthy, eh?)

* Breads and Cereals (processed mostly)

* Soy products (yup)

The list goes on, but those are the top 3 with the highest levels of niacin which can cause gout via raising your uric acid level and administering those God awful needle like crystals in your joints!


Oh No! Ate some Gout Today!!

huge-cheese-burgerVery stressful day today, had a cheeseburger (ok, a double quarter pounder w/cheese) at McD’s along with a fries, coke, and 2 apple pies! I know, I know, shame on me…  Food is my only comfort outlet since I don’t smoke, drug out, or have a hot busty chick nearby.   Hope my Gout doesn’t whirl into a frenzy.  I made sure I took 4 of my magic Chinese pills after the fact.  I just couldn’t take the stress anymore and “relapsed”,   lol    😉

Vegetarian? Hell NO!

meatballs2So as I’m still getting over my sinus infection (geez, I go meat free for 2 weeks and I get sick!) and can not taste nor smell all that great, I decided to make some spaghetti and bogus meatless “meatballs”, got to stay away from the red meat right?  Let me tell ya, my “puke streak” of 13 years almost came to an end last night!  The consistency of chewing on these nasty lil meatless wonders was like eating…well… poop!!!  These are frickin gross and will never eat them again!  I can’t eat this vegetarian crap, no way!  But the “streak” remains intact!  😉   Oh yeah, my gout IS teasing me, hope it just goes away and doesn’t end up in full on attack mode!

Go Away Gout! Don’t Eat This!


A lot of things can be going on, weather, injury, drugs, and food can all play a role.  Here is a list of most FOODS that can give the agony of  Gout!

Foods high in Purine:  (raises your uric acid count)

  • Red meatssteak, hamburgers, beef, etc (it sucks, I know!)
  • Shellfishshrimp, lobster, scallops, crab, etc.
  • Organ Meats (blah, who eats this crap anyway?) – headcheese?!  liver, heart, most “guts”.….
  • Booze Beer (the worst cause of wheat and alcohol), anything with alcohol.  (so not fair…)
  • Vegetablesasparagus, mushrooms, cauliflower, spinach, beans.  (and I thought this was healthy eatin?!)
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup – its in almost everything!  Sodas, candy, cookies, donuts. :(   Worse if its labeled as the 2nd ingredient (meaning it there is more of it).
  • Oatmeal – well, at least now you have an excuse NOT to eat it.
  • Fried Foodsfrench fries, battered fish, anything deep fried (it breaks down the vitamins in the food) and all the good stuff! :(