Careful with that BBQ Grub!

bbq_ribs_sign bbq gout

On this Memorial Day Holiday please be careful my fellow Gout friends!  Lots of tempting BBQ steak, hamburgers, hot dogs, and “no no” gout foods out there!  We must indulge though…  Just be sure to use common gout sense.  Try not pig out on 4 cheeseburgers and  “Oh, I lost count how many” hot dogs.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m gonna enjoy a hamburger today, just not 3 of them like I want, hehe.  And maybe a hot dog, but will try and stick to the grilled veggies (avoid asparagus!!! ) and natural fruit juice (high fructose corn syrup…  bad).  Yeah, I know…  beer is out, wine is out, and so are sugary sodas!  But enjoy a hamburger damnit! 😀

A Plate of Gout at Neptunes Net?


Hope I’m not slipping into bad habits here, today I ate at the famous Neptunes Net in malibu, CA.  Best known for their fresh seafood and eclectic atmosphere stuffing the guts of bikers and doctors alike.  I had to be careful, shellfish!  As much as I wanted to get a “Plate of Gout” of steamed clams, shrimp and crab (waaah!), I went for a safer route and chowed down on the fish & chips (yeah, I know fried food.. a no no too).  Although I did manage to sneak a shrimp from my buddy…  Just had the one, I promise!  Next few days will be light on the Gout inducing grinds.  :)