Gout: Dual Energy Computed Tomography Helps Spot Gout!


NEW!  Now it can be done where you can “see” where your gout pain is coming from!  This can be scary!!

Below is an excerpt from medgadget.com

“CT scanners have long been considered potentially useful as a non-invasive diagnostic modality, but their ability to help identify uric acid deposits has been limited. To overcome this, Canadian researchers decided to try using a new algorithm on the SOMATOM Definition dual energy CT (DECT) scanner from Siemens. Initial findings from the researchers show that the novel technique can provide radiologists with significant help in diagnosing gout.”
Of course us sufferes know when we are having a gout attack, but now its possible to see where all the pain is coming from!  Obviously not just the big toe but all over the surrounding joints!  Ouch!!    :(

What a Doctor may do for Gout?

evil_dr_zorkSo you just can’t take it anymore and decide to go to the ER or see your Doctor.  Don’t even think about that hacksaw in your garage, put it down! :)   Here is what the good ole Doc may prescribe

  • Colchicine (tiny white tablets) is an anti-inflammatory medication used to prevent and ease current gout attacks. (harsh on your guts though)
  • Steroid or Cortisone shot injected to the joint with a big ass needle! (yeah it hurts, but your pain is soooo bad you won’t mind and it works fast, I had it done in the ER!)
  • Allopurinol is a medication used to treat chronic gout.  Does not relieve pain or inflammation.  Takes a about month for it to work, its preventative medicine (side effects are arguably bad, another contradiction I say).
  • Anti inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen (Advil) in prescription dosage.
  • Take it easy, rest the foot/area and keep it elevated.  Cold packs help with pain.
  • Some Doc’s do give good advice on home remidies as mentioned here at  ihatemygout.com in conjunction with modern medicine!