Is The Gout Gene Fact Or Fiction?

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Gout News Update…

urate_crystals_goutJust thought I would make an update this afternoon.  I have not had any problems with my Gout in a while (yea!) except for a “twing” in the big toe joint here and there.  I still get emails of good people suffering from this nightmare, Gout!  When your in a full gout attack, its the longest week ever!!  Can’t think, can’t enjoy anything, just misery wishing there were a magic pill out there to just get rid of it for good.  Forget about putting on a shoe and going anywhere.. or sleeping at night, just agony all the way!
However, I have been reading up on some new interesting developments in treating gout, but they have not said any specifics as of yet.  So, stay tuned…

– Those nasty Gout crystals!!

Vitamin C and Gout?

vitamin-cI have read several articles saying that Vitamin C is good at keeping Gout at bay.  It says it keeps your uric acid low and blah, blah, blah.  I’m here to tell you that I ain’t buying it.  After my Gout incident with Niacin, I ward off any vitamins now!  You can get all the vitamins you need in a well balanced (gout friendly) diet.  Besides, its also said that Vitamin C can keep your cold at bay, and that does not work either!  So don’t believe it.  If you take Vitamin C and can vouch for it, please comment here.  I just don’t think its viable at all.

Bananas Are Good for Gout!

bananas-curved-yellow-fruit babe-eating-banana

We all know potassium is a good for Gout, so eat them bananas!  I try to eat at least 3 a day, not only are they my favorite fruit but they have the gout fighting benefits as well.  Hey, every little thing helps and the babes like em.    😉

Flush the Gout with Water!

glass_of_waterRemember fellow Gout sufferers, keep hydrated to keep the gout at bay!  The more your kidneys are flushing out the uric acid the better.  So make sure you drink plenty of water or fruit juice (the real kind, not that “Sunny D” crap) whilst avoiding high fructose corn syrup (Gout attacker!).  You don’t need to drown yourself, just use common sense and avoid the booze and fake sugars (read your labels folks).  I love the natural sodas from Whole Foods, they are real tasty and use cane sugar (natural sugar is ok) plus they cost less than most Coke or Pepsi products.   😉