Why did I create this Blog?

You guessed it, I suffer from this nightmare called Gout!   Being in my late 30’s I have dealt with this for almost 7 years now and suffering a full on gout attack at least 2 times a year, always seem to be in the fall and spring, strange.  My left big toe, sometimes ankle, knee, and hip.  When I had insurance I went to the doctor for a checkup, everything was fine but my uric acid count was “elevated” and he did not know why, needed more tests which did show anything abnormal…

So its just something I have to live with.  No other family members have had gout to my knowledge, but my pop did have kidney stones and he was a heavy smoker.  I do not drink, have never smoked, don’t do any drugs (except OTC type meds), am about 30lbs overweight but do exercise, and the more I workout the more hungry I get! 😉

– That damn McD’s “double quarter pounder with cheese” is my downfall!!   Bah!

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  1. yup wassup man i also have gout. been diagnosed with it for about a year now. it sucks cant drink beer and eat whatever. and i am only 22. now i cant drink wit frenz wenever i want. and all the good tasting food. fuck fuck dis shit

  2. I also have gout, mid 30’s. I eat everything but in moderation, and if I eat a “bad” food i try to balance the Ph in my body taking potassium citrate, baked soda or apple cider vinegar. So far it has work really well. I do not have health insurance, but I do travel to Mexico a lot and get medications there over the counter (the same stuff that you need prescriptions here) like colchine, allopurinol,etc, so I always buy some meds to have as backups (only in emergencies) in case I have a really bad flares. I am overweight too, but trying to lose weight, also I try to drink a lot of water and eat berries (strawberries, cheries,etc). I had a bad flare maybe a couple of years ago before I started the therapy with potassium, baked soda, etc. I will not take prescription pills for the rest of my life for this. Most doctors are just businessmen trying to hook you with meds you will need until you died. The alternative treatments work much better for me

  3. To the author of ihatemygout.com:

    I am a reporter and graduate student at the Columbia University Journalism School, and I’m working on an article about gout — what it’s like to live the disease, and how it’s currently being treated.

    In researching the topic, I came across your blog, and I was wondering: Would it be possible to speak with you for this article? If it would be possible to talk for a few minutes tomorrow (Monday), that would be great.

    Thanks so much.

    Danielle Friedman

  4. I had gout starting in my 20’s. I would have minor flare ups from time to time. It was only in my 30’s that I realized it was gout. I was also diagnosed with an “elevated” uric acid count. In my research over the last 12 years, I’ve found the culprit to be Niacin. But unfortunately it’s in everything.

    Now I’m taking Alopurniol and Probenecid. One helps remove uric acid and one helps prevent producing uric acid. It prob. took about 6 months before I would not feel any gout effects. But the last few years I have not had any attacks. I eat shellfish usually weekly (had some shrip and scallops on Sat), I have maybe 3-5 beers a week (usually a dark/lager beer); I do exercise more and eat berries (straw, black, rasp) weekly sometimes daily when in season.

  5. @PJD3
    Your exactly right!! I forgot to mention Niacin!! What set off my 1st attack ever was a multi-vitamin that had 500% your daily dose of Niacin and ever since… GOUT!

    Niacin IS in everything, got to read labels and stay away from multi-vitamins that have high doses of it.

    Ridicules I know.

  6. I’m 44 and just realized that i’ve got gout. I had an achilles op 6 months ago and thought the problem in my ankle was related to that.
    I went back to my Doc and he gave me prednisolone and within a day i was walking normally! I researched the meds option and realised that i will have to find a natural alternative.
    I changed my diet, drinking gallons of water, no alcohol and have found some local herbal products (i’m in Thailand)…..so far, so good.
    Don’t give in to the medicated option, theres plenty of other ways to explore, find out what works for you.
    Avoid the bad stuff, get more of the good stuff.

  7. I know we all don’t want to take allopurinol, but i’m reading research that indicates that it really helps, and with more than gout. It interferes with our production of not only uric acid but hydrogen peroxide. It’s suspected that the peroxide causes artery walls to harden with plaque.

    Cherries and berries have anthocyanins, which reduce inflammation, but they don’t affect the metabolism, and that might be our problem.